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Ongoing Support
Maintenance and Support of Genesys Solution

Satisfying or exceeding customers' expectations requires, providing consistent customer experience at all times. Service interruption and down times can increase customer frustration and can make businesses lose valuable customers. Uninterrupted service to customers requires regular maintenance of system. Pointel helps Clients achieve and provide world-class service to their customers. Pointel's consultants, having specialized in implementing and maintaining Genesys solutions, have worked with fortune 500 companies and can help Clients and their Company to maintain and enhance Genesys system in the most cost effective way. Pointel has different support models to suit Client's needs.

Benefits of support model:
  • Full time on-site dedicated resource. Extended hours support through pager and cell phone.
  • Access to pool of Genesys experts.
  • Routine maintenance tasks like log maintenance, applying security and OS patches.
  • Making required regular configuration (CME) and application settings.
  • Work on enhancement requests to provide additional features.
  • AWork on any bugs/defects reported on custom applications (Like Voice Applications, Custom Desktop Applications, Web Pages .) developed to interface with Genesys systems.
  • Regular database maintenance tasks like scheduled backup of data, index updates, database statistic updates to optimize performance.
  • Minor version upgrades to Genesys applications to get the latest and greatest.
  • Work with Genesys technical support on support tickets.